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Know and Serve Your Clients Better

camo ag client intelligence for ag lenders

Loan officers need plenty of information about customers to identify whether or not they will be good prospects. But all too often, that valuable data is locked up in incomprehensible spreadsheets and vast databases.

With CamoAg, when a loan officer gets a call from a prospective client, he can pull the client’s information in a matter of moments to find out the worth of the farmer’s existing assets and any potential risks like outstanding loans, or liens. With these stats on hand and accessible, the loan officer can ask more pertinent questions and better serve their client.

Another loan officer on his way to the third client meeting of the day may pull out his tablet at a rest stop to take a look at the data. Is this farmer getting mortgages from competitors? What products might we be able to sell him? How big is their operation and where is it? All the information is right there at the loan officer’s fingertips, integrated with his Salesforce records.


Manage Farmland at Scale

Make your land more than just lines in a spreadsheet. With our geospatial mapping solution, you can get a good picture of all that you own – and would like to.

You can see land value, tenants’ reported agronomic activities, and capital improvements on owned properties as well as properties you’re thinking about purchasing. Plus, CamoAg allows you to digitize key business processes such as lease signing and payments


Quickly Assess the Value of Farmland

CamoAg allows you to bring together complete data more efficiently to understand the market value of a parcel. You can quickly and easily create, save, and access relevant comps, run reports, and identify trends. CamoAg has partnered with Land Sales Bulletin to license their market-leading sales data in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

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