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Land Platform

Analyze Your Portfolio and Digitize Your Workflows

Optimize Your Land Portfolio with Total Digital Control

Farmland investors don’t always have an easy way to get a clear view of their assets. CamoAg’s farmland mapping solution turns numbers on a page into easy-to-understand visuals so investors can get a high level view of their assets and dig into the data with custom-built reports.

When a farm is leased, compliance activities and expectations can be outlined within the lease, and the farmer automatically notified of their obligations to report on certain activities. Land managers are able to run reports across a portfolio to examine a performance across a range of factors, including financial and environmental, social, and corporate governance. They can dive into the status of every farm and field.

Easily Add Farms and Growers

Onboarding the farms you own and the growers you work with is simple.

Electronic Agreements, Signatures, and Payments

Get signatures and payments electronically.

Digital Data Collection

Upload yield history and keep all documents and important records.

Digital Custom Leases

Easily create, sign, and store leases in your online account.

GIS Mapping

Search plat maps, crop history, soil maps, and view advanced layer data.

3rd Party Accounting Integrations

Connect, import, and export data with your favorite accounting software.

Land Management Made Simple

Access features to create efficiency for each season in your land management yearly workflow.

CamoAg’s Land Platform is the only agricultural software that was built from the ground up to manage your entire land portfolio from acquisition to disposition.

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