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Business Reporting and Analytics

Putting Data to Work to Grow Your Business

Analysis and Reporting to Unlock Opportunity

Using our powerful, flexible business reporting and analytics features, a land manager can run sophisticated reports to understand their market share and make decisions about where to focus time and energy through competitive intelligence looking at soil class to understand the value of their portfolio of mortgages versus that of their competitors.

A loan officer could also use this function to identify customers who are good candidates for refinancing, using advanced filtering options to sort through an enormous number of existing and potential customers.

Portfolio Value

Assess the entire value of your farm holdings as well as on a farm by farm basis.

Portfolio Analytics

View your farms and holdings on a grouped portfolio view.

Risk Assessment

Use public and private data to assess the value and risk of your portfolio or prospects.

Market Share

See the market share you or your competitors have in your service area.

Portfolio Composition

Understand the makeup of your portfolio using advanced filters.

Make Your Data Work Harder

CamoAg’s Business Reporting and Analytics allows agricultural lenders to identify and qualify potential loan applicants more effectively. By providing valuable insights and a deeper understanding of clients, this solution enhances and enables more informed decision-making.

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