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Rural Land Appraisals

CamoAg equips rural land appraisers with advanced geospatial tools for faster, more accurate property evaluations and comparisons. Integrated with top appraisal software, it enhances risk management by analyzing portfolio risks, including commodity exposure, weather impacts, and flood risks, through comprehensive geospatial data.

Improve Quality and Completeness Evaluations

Adjust appraisals with the most current and comprehensive agricultural data available, leading to more accurate market valuations.

Streamline the Appraisal Process

Reduce the time spent searching for and verifying sales data, thanks to easily accessible, verified comps within your organization.

Boost Collaboration

Share critical insights securely within your team, enhancing collaboration and ensuring everyone works with the best information available.

Create Private Comps for Your Organization

Enhance your appraisal process with exclusive data that is easily managed and shared within your organization.

Create Comps From Private Sales Data

Utilize confidential sales information to generate comps exclusive to your team, ensuring a competitive edge in appraisal accuracy.

Creating Private Comps From Public Sales Data

Transform publicly available sales data into private comps by adding unique insights and analysis, enriching your appraisal database with detailed, actionable information.

Ag Lenders & Banks

Geospatial Mapping

Leverage detailed mapping and tracking of comp sales, enhancing the precision of every appraisal.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Access a wealth of information, from soil maps to FEMA flood maps, all integrated into your appraisal workflow.

Sharing and Collaboration

Share and collaborate on subject farms within your appraisal team and organization, boosting efficiency and alignment.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay connected and upload crucial data directly from the field, ensuring your appraisals are as current as possible.

Agware Integration

Enjoy a smooth workflow between CamoAg’s geospatial data and AgWare’s appraisal report generation, making your process more efficient than ever.

Create Digital CMAs for Clients

Real Estate Brokers and Ag Lenders can save time and provide exceptional service to buyers and sellers with ourComparative Market Analysis (CMA) tool. This powerful feature offers deep insights into market trends, property valuations, and the competitive landscape to create shareable and interactive CMAs for your clients.


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Camo Ag’s solutions for Ag Lenders may be used in unison, but are designed to be used together to increase efficiency and better serve clients through the introduction of digital solutions that make it easier and faster to complete business.  To learn more please contact us here.

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How Can CamoAg Help You?

CamoAg’s solutions for ag lenders may be used separately, but are designed to be used together to increase efficiency and better serve clients easier and faster. For a custom solution or to book a demo, click below.