Agricultural Intelligence and Workflow Management | CamoAg

Cutting-edge Tech Meets
Time-honored Tradition

Our range of flexible, powerful tools support ag businesses to dig into the data, tend to their business with digital solutions, and yield better results for their clients.

Use Cases

Lenders, investors, appraisers, agribusinesses. Everyone in ag needs data to make good decisions. CamoAg gives you everything from an aerial view to an up-close analysis.
Client Intelligence

Actionable farmer, land, and asset information at the touch of a button.

Comp Tool

Get a quick, complete picture of a parcel’s market value based on the property data and broader market trends.

Land Platform

Manage farmland at scale by digitizing your workflows and analyzing your portfolio with ease.

Loan Applications

Support your customers and loan team with simple digital applications and decision-making.

Business Reporting and Analytics

Put data to work to understand your competitors and where investments could yield the best results.