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Comparative Market Analysis

Build a Quick, Complete Picture of a Parcel’s Market Value

The Comp Tool Redefining Farmland Analysis

Appraising a property accurately can be a time-consuming endeavor, and these days it often seems that there just aren’t enough appraisers to go around. With CamoAg’s tools, an appraiser can maintain their own database of proprietary comps, or access licensed sales data on farms. They can easily attach private notes to a public sale record. Appraisers can collaborate with their team to maintain a database of verified comps accessible only to others in their organization.

An appraiser who wants to understand a parcel’s value can access comprehensive comparable farm data using CamoAg. When the time comes to complete the appraisal and share with a client, maps and comp data can be synced to Agware. Data might include satellite maps, topography, crop history, buyer and seller data, and any other information from the sales record. CamoAg has partnered with Land Sales Bulletin to license their market-leading sales data in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Once a comp has been created, it can be added to a private database where the appraiser has access to confidential notes, documents, and other data points from the farm sale. As time goes on, this private library of comps will become more sophisticated and powerful, helping appraisers use work they did previously to create new comps.

Search Public and Private Comps

Access sales records from multiple data sources, and view alongside your own private database.

Access Detailed Data Layers

See soil maps, crop history, topography, flood maps, and more.

Generate and Share Reports

Branded reports and options for a branded URL.

Create Private Comps

Available only to your organization, upload documents, keep notes, and more.

A Complete Comp Tool With the Best Data Available

CamoAg and Land Sales Bulletin have partnered to create the most powerful Comparative Market Analysis tool for brokers, agents and appraisers.

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