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What's New? Streamline Farm Management with Automated Reminders, Document Storage and More.

The latest features in CamoAg’s platform are designed to maximize efficiency, streamline workflow, and enable data-driven decision-making for agribusinesses. From automated reminders and electronic signatures to advanced leasing options and document storage, we’re making it easier than ever to manage all aspects of your farming operations in one place. These updates collectively set a new standard in agricultural intelligence, helping you save time and optimize your ROI.

Activity Reminders: Streamline timely collection of necessary documentation 
Gone are the days of missed deadlines and forgotten documents. Our new Activity Reminders can be configured to send automated notifications directly to your counterparties, making agreement administration a breeze.

DocuSign Integration: Securely and quickly facilitate remote transactions 

We’ve integrated DocuSign, the industry leader in electronic signatures, into the CamoAg platform. Now, you can securely sign documents from anywhere, at any time.

Document Storage: Easily access and manage documents to improve operational efficiency and reporting 
Manage all your important documents effortlessly with CamoAg’s new Document Storage feature. Upload, categorize, and even set expiration dates for your documents.

Lease by Acre Type: Make data-driven decisions to optimize land investment 

Our new ‘Lease by Acre Type’ feature lets you lease out your farm based on acre types like irrigated, dryland, and pasture. Now, you can better understand the revenue and ROI for every acre type.

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