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What's New? Streamline Agribusiness Sales with Deeper Salesforce Integration

At CamoAg, we continue to make sure our platform meets the ever-evolving needs of the agribusiness industry. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil three game-changing features that will revolutionize how you manage your farms using Salesforce. Let’s dive into the details with our product team expert, Lily.

1. Create a Farm Using All Parcels on Salesforce Account

Lily demonstrates how seamlessly you can create a farm by integrating all parcels from a Salesforce account. By bridging CamoAg with Salesforce, you gain an enhanced view of your prospects and clients. Follow Lily as she guides you through the dashboard, showcasing how to consolidate parcels under an account and efficiently create farms, enabling more structured farm management and collaboration.
Watch Lily’s tutorial on creating a farm using Salesforce parcels below

2. Create Farm Using Owner Footprint

Discover the ease of creating a farm using all parcels linked to a specific owner. This feature serves as a shortcut for a more streamlined farm creation process. Join Lily as she navigates the Client Intelligence map, illustrating how to pinpoint parcels based on owners and swiftly creating farms. This is another step towards ensuring that managing, adding, and collaborating on farm data is as efficient as possible.
Join Lily’s walkthrough on creating a farm using an owner footprint below

3. Assign a Salesforce Account to a Farm

 With Lily’s expertise, learn how you can effortlessly link a Salesforce account to a farm, allowing you to quickly identify and work on specific farms tied to your accounts. 
 Check out Lily’s guide on assigning a Salesforce account to a farm below


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