Reach Farmers and Landowners with Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

CamoAg's Direct Mail Marketing helps ag marketers target farmers and landowners more precisely and with better results.

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Marketing teams in agriculture need to be more nimble than ever. With CamoAg Marketing you can build hyper-targeted prospect lists from robust ag-specific data. Using our advanced filters you can cast a smaller, more efficient net, catching more leads with less.


Pinpoint the Exact Farmers and Landowners You Need to Reach

Create a target audience of farmers or landowners based on location, operation footprint, acres, crop type, ownership profiles, and more


Personalize Every Letter with Tracking Power Down to the Individual

Save yourself from messy direct mail management by using CamoAg's printing and mailing capabilities. And whether you choose to design your mailings yourself or let our experts handle it, you can track each prospect on the CamoAg platform.


Focus Your Digital Ad Spend: Target Individuals, Not Crowds

Leverage addressable geofencing to reach every device in a targeted household. Additionally, our retargeting pixel re-engages website visitors with strategic remarketing ads so your ad dollars are only spent on the audience you want to capture.


Separate Customers from Prospects, Strong Leads from Poor

See the full context of where your prospects and customers are in your target market. View your competitor's footprint versus your own and uncover who you can efficiently & effectively market to.


Create a Comparative Market Analysis

CamoAg’s Comp Tool allows you to quickly assess the value of farmland. This tool is designed to be used by appraisers and real estate professionals. Our solution integrates with Land Sales Bulletin’s market-leading farm transaction data in the Midwest

One client received a greater than 2% response rate.

Read the full case study here.

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What sets CamoAg Marketing apart?

Unique Address ID

Each audience member within the lists you build has a unique tracking number that you can use to track from top of the funnel to deal close.

Easy List Building Dashboards

With CamoAg Leads you get access to five easy to use dashboards that fit your unique marketing needs.

Always Current Data

CamoAg consolidates data from multiple sources, continuously cleansing and keeping the information fresh so you never have to worry about version control.

1 Million

pieces of direct mail sent in 2023


for a CamoAg Marketing customer year over year

Same Day

list creation and direct mail orders

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