Targeted Marketing Campaign for Lavie Bio’s Yalos Seed Treatment

Client Background

Lavie Bio, an innovative agricultural company, sought to promote Yalos, their cutting-edge bio-inoculated seed treatment for durum and wheat. Yalos promises to significantly increase crop yields and resilience, representing a significant step forward in sustainable farming. They wanted to target only durum wheat farmers within a 3-state radius. And they needed to have the campaign executed before planting season started.


The client needed to create a specialized marketing list targeting farmers who planted durum wheat in the past few years in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana. They aimed to launch a two-touch direct mailer campaign to introduce Yalos and invite farmers to a free consultation.


Direct Mail List Building & Creative

Utilizing CamoAg’s Owner’s Report, we applied several advanced filters to our internal data to generate a customized marketing list. First, we narrowed the geographic focus to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana. We excluded non-relevant landowners such as government entities, solar, timber, agribusinesses, banks, energy companies, and others to target only genuine farmers.

Next, we honed in on farmers living within 500 miles of their land to ensure they were “local.” The newly added Majority Crop Data Layer filter was then used to identify farmers who had planted durum wheat within the past few years. This process yielded a targeted list of 3,044 farmers for the campaign. Which meets our suggested minimum for a direct mail campaign (between 3,000 and 5,000 audience size). A great direct mail campaign yields a 1% response rate or higher, so it is important to have the necessary audience.

Campaign Details

The campaign consisted of two direct mail pieces. The first was a personalized 8 x 14 letter, and the second was a 6 x 11 oversized postcard mailer. Each piece highlighted the benefits of Yalos, including improved nutrient uptake, stress mitigation, exceptional ROI, and proven efficacy. In both pieces, imagery was used to emphasize the quality and health of the wheat, as well as the strength and trustworthiness of the product. Testimonials from satisfied customers were also featured to underscore the product’s performance.


Within two weeks of initial contact with Lavie Bio, the targeted letters were in farmers’ mailboxes. The campaign’s efficiency demonstrated our ability to rapidly deploy marketing strategies that cater to our client’s specific needs and develop exceptional creative within a tight schedule. Lavie Bio saw a greater than 2% response rate and ultimately ended up closing on a measurable amount of business as a result of the campaign.


The collaboration with Lavie Bio showcased our ability to deliver a precisely targeted marketing solution that aligns with our client’s vision for a sustainable agricultural future. By utilizing detailed demographic and geographic data, we not only met but exceeded the client’s objectives, achieving a response rate that doubled the industry benchmark. This campaign not only delivered immediate business outcomes for Lavie Bio but also set a foundation for sustained engagement with a highly relevant audience.

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