From Traditional To Digital

Ag Lenders

CamoAg offers solutions to ag lenders to assist with client intelligence, origination, and collateralization & risk management. The CamoAg solution makes efficient use of geospatial datasets and client data to streamline customer facing and internal processes to reduce cycle time.

1. Client Intelligence

  • Ownership
  • Farm Operation Footprint
  • Current Mortgages
  • UCC Filings

2. Digital Origination & Processing

  • Digital Application
  • Identity Verification
  • Automated Decisioning
  • Business Process Automation

3. Analysis / Asset Collateral

  • Property Valuation
  • Portfolio Analytics (risk)
  • Market Share
  • Collateral Management


Ag Lenders & Banks

Client Intelligence Solutions

A geospatial solution designed to help loan officers and originators more effectively access information about current and prospective customers.  The solution may be integrated with Salesforce to provide seamless access to your customer and prospect data. In addition, third-party data sets that may require a data license are supported, including:

  • + UCC Filings 
  • + Outstanding Mortgages
  • + Acres Owned
  • + Acres Operated

This data is combined with other geospatial data to help your teams better understand your client’s business and better serve their needs.

Ag Lenders & Banks

Digital Origination & Processing Solutions

A digital loan application designed to increase the volume of loan applications and reduce processing time through business automation while providing excellent customer service. The solution offers flexible implementation options to meet the unique needs of each lender, but is designed to be deployed quickly and with minimum investment in new IT infrastructure. 

Analysis & Collateral Management Solutions

A geospatial solution designed to help appraisers more quickly create, evaluate, and compare properties and to help risk departments better manage collateral and evaluate risk. The solution works with market leading appraisal software solutions and also offers the ability to perform analytics on any given portfolio through the incorporation of geospatial datasets to understand commodity exposure, impact of extreme weather events, portfolio composition by soil class, flood risk, and more. 

The solution may also be configured to integrate with Salesforce to provide a seamless link between your clients and their collateral.


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Camo Ag’s solutions for Ag Lenders may be used in unison, but are designed to be used together to increase efficiency and better serve clients through the introduction of digital solutions that make it easier and faster to complete business.  To learn more please contact us here.

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Client Intelligence

- Ownership
- Farm Operation Footprint
- Current Mortgages
- UCC Fillings

Digital Origination and Processing

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Analysis / Asset Collateral

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How Can CamoAg Help You?

CamoAg’s solutions for ag lenders may be used separately, but are designed to be used together to increase efficiency and better serve clients easier and faster. For a custom solution or to book a demo, click below.

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