May Feature Spotlight

CamoAg’s product team member, Lily, walks us through four new feature releases in our May Feature Spotlight.

Farm Sale Radius Search

Learn how to use the radius search feature to find recent farm sales. Users can set a search radius and center point on the map, and then filter by distance to display recent sales within that radius. The radius center point is draggable and the map will adjust accordingly. Users can also copy and paste the URL to share the search with others. To return to viewing sales while moving throughout the map, users can simply click the “search as I move through the map” option.

Calculate Price by Acre Type

See how to use the Comp Tool price per acreage type breakdown feature. This feature enables users to enter per acre and total values for each acre type, to assign values for acres that might not be as valuable and to get a more accurate final market value opinion on the land. Users can navigate to a CMA they’ve created and adjust the acre distribution for a farm by selecting the fields page and editing the per acre price or the total value. Updating these values will result in a more accurate final market value opinion based on the acreage type entered.

Download a Shapefile or KMZ

Learn how to download a shapefile or KMZ for a portfolio of farms. The shapefile or KMZ downloaded from Camoag is a data file that contains geospatial information for farms. Users can navigate to their portfolios, select a portfolio, and use the gear icon to download either a shapefile or KMZ. The downloaded file can be dropped directly into Google Earth or any other third-party platform that supports either of these formats, making it easy to export a group of farms to an application that supports these formats.

Download a Soil Map

In our final video, learn how to download a soil map. The soil map PDF is useful for understanding farm productivity, land utilization, and providing soil information to potential buyers or lenders. From the dashboard, users can navigate to a specific farm and click on the soil tab to see a soil map with different descriptions and ratings. Users can also zoom in on the map to explore soil distributions. Clicking on the soil class tab displays a map with the soil classes. Note that non-productive acreage is not included in the soil map. To view and share a PDF of the soil map, users can click on “View PDF,” which will send the PDF to the email address associated with the account.

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