Aerial view of agricultural meadow.

In several hundred counties across the Midwest, CamoAg has partnered with Compeer Financial to improve our data on median farm sales within 30 miles of a farm. Compeer Financial is one of the premier appraisal service providers in the Midwest, with a focus on agriculture and rural properties in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and surrounding states.

We believe that Compeer has access to one of the best data sets for recent sales, and they offer monthly insights into sales trends through their monthly e-newsletter. If you have an interest in farm sales and market trends in the Midwest, we recommend signing up!

What makes Compeer’s sales data distinct and provides their appraisal team with an advantage is that they have a robust process to consistently analyze the data, ensure it is accurate and verify that the sale is an arms-length transaction.

We are excited to work with the Compeer Financial Appraisal Team to give CamoAg users access to this valuable insight!


Land Sales Bulletin and Camo Team Up to Unlock Better Farmland Sale Data For Agriculture


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