CamoAg’s GIS-based mapping tool is designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural businesses across sales, operations, and

What’s New for CamoAg Maps?

CLU SmartDraw

Automate farm mapping, saving time on drawing production acreage.

Download Map PDF

Easily download and save map PDFs from CamoAg maps.

Open Farm in Google Earth

Access high-quality farm imagery via Google Earth for detailed research.

What else can you do with CamoAg Maps?

Identify and Research Prospects

Visualize and research prospects on a map based on proximity or specific agricultural data to identify gaps and high-potential areas for new business.

Manage Farms Digitally

The digital platbook within CamoAg’s mapping tool modernizes how farm operators and managers track and manage land. It consolidates all essential property and land management data into a single, accessible platform.

Conducting Comprehensive Land Analysis

A powerful resource for appraisals, offering the ability to research and map nearby farms and points of interest with precision when assessing land value and creating comps.

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