Where Traditional Turns Digital

Rural Appraisers and Farmland Real Estate Professionals

CamoAg offers a suite of tools to quickly assess the value of farmland. These are designed to be used by appraisers and real estate professionals. Our solution integrates with Land Sales Bulletin’s market-leading farm transaction data in the Midwest.

Digitizing America’s Farmland

Create Market Analysis

Our custom market analysis tool enables a user to search their sales databases (licensed data and private comps) for comparable sales near a subject property. The tool offers filters to narrow results based on distance, soil rating, sold date, and acreage. Comprehensive comparable farm data includes satellite maps, topography maps, crop history, buyer/seller data, and any notes or documents stored within the sales record.

Where Traditional Turns Digital

Create and Store Private Comps

CamoAg offers the unique capability to maintain a private database of sales with confidential notes, documents, and other data points from the farm sale. Known as private comps, the database is accessible only by users of your organization. Selected comps may be shared with a client as part of an appraisal, evaluation, or market analysis.

Where Traditional Turns Digital

Land Sales Bulletin Data

Camo Ag has partnered with Land Sales Bulletin to license their market-leading sales data in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. This data can be used directly in a Market Analysis or may be used as the starting point for developing private comps that include notes and in addition to the data provided by Land Sales Bulletin.

Where Traditional Turns Digital


Reports are made available to download key data for both private comps and public sales data.

How Can CamoAg Help You?

CamoAg’s solutions for assessing farmland values are used by investors, appraisers, and real estate professionals and provide the unique capability to access licensed sales data sets alongside private sales databases. To learn more contact us below.

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