June Feature Spotlight

CamoAg’s product team member, Lily, walks us through two new feature releases in our June Feature Spotlight.


How to Create a Comparative Market Analysis

Lily explains the two methods for creating a CMA: for a farm already added to the account and for a farm not yet added. Watch how to select parcels on the map and add a farm to the account, followed by researching comparable farms. She shows how to apply filters for date sold, acreage, and soil rating, and explores the sales details and additional farm information. Finally, Lily showcases the CMA details, including estimated market value, breakdown of selected comps, and the option to generate a PDF for sharing purposes.

How to use Land Sales Bulletin Transaction Data on CamoAg

Lily from the product team at CamoAg will be showing how land sales bulletin data is utilized in the platform. By integrating with farm transaction data in the Midwest, the speed of tools provides the most comprehensive dataset on farm sales. Users will learn how to navigate the sold farm map, where aggregated land sales data can be searched and viewed. The color scheme used represents different types of sales data. Detailed information about each sale, including property details, transaction breakdown, and buyer/seller information, can be accessed. The process of copying a sale to the user’s account for private use and creating private comps will be demonstrated. Lastly, the land sales bulletin report, which presents data in a tabular format and allows linking back to the platform for further exploration, will be introduced. Let’s dive in and discover the power of land sales bulletin data integration together.

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