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Farmland Investors and Managers

CamoAg offers solutions to organizations that manage farmland at scale. The solution includes geospatial mapping tools, business process automation for lease administration, data collection and reporting, and performance analytics.

Digitizing America’s Farmland

Farmland Management Platform

CamoAg’s Farmland Management Platform combines market-leading geospatial intelligence and data access with tools for business process management to enable quick collaboration without compromising access to sensitive data and documents. These different components are deployed to customer specifications to 1) improve efficiency and 2) improve asset performance.

Farm Management Platform Key Components

  • + Advanced User Management and Permissions
  • + Electronic Agreements and Signatures (Leases)
  • + Automated Digital Payments and/or Invoicing
  • + Agreement Compliance Management
    • + Agronomic Activities
    • + Capital Improvements
    • + ESG
  • + Geospatial Farm Mapping and Data Sets
  • + Custom Reporting and Analytics
  • + Digital Document and Record Keeping
  • + Integrated with Camo Ag’s Appraisal and Valuation Tools
  • + API support for 3rd party accounting integrations

How Can CamoAg Help You?

CamoAg’s solutions for Farmland Investors and Managers are used by some of the world’s largest holders of agricultural assets to improve their operations. To learn more about our solutions for Farmland Investors and Managers contact us below.

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