Farm Credit Exclusive Newsletter: May

Discover competitive insights effortlessly with CamoAg’s reports. Join Lily as she shows you how to filter and refresh data, explore mortgage details, and gain a comprehensive understanding of competitor activity. Stay ahead of the game with Camo Act’s powerful reports.

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Create a Competitor Mortgage Report

Use the Client Intelligence Parcel Explore

Lily also walks you through how to use our parcel explore. Using the parcel explore you can view who owns the parcel, how much land they own in total, find where the other land they own is located, or view the other legal entities tied to the parcel. You can also view mortgages tied to the parcel including the lender, origination date, and loan amount. You can also see who operates the parcel, whether it is owner operated or is it rented, how many acres does the operator farm, what legal entities does the farmer farm under, what is the operator’s approximate operational footprint.

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