Farm Credit Exclusive Newsletter: July

Dive into our newsletter that introduces the power of Client Intelligence’s Salesforce integration, offering a visual landscape of land data, banking insights, and more. Discover how these tools elevate efficiency and value for your agriculture business. 

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Integration: Client Intelligence + Salesforce

Lily from the CamoAg product team walkthrough the Client Intelligence integration with Salesforce that allows you to visualize and analyze detailed client information like land ownership, operation size, banking relationships, UCC-filing data, and more, directly on an interactive map.

Key Features:

  • Directly view Salesforce prospects/accounts on an interactive map.
  • Provides details about land ownership, operation size, and banking affiliations.
  • Showcases mortgage information and parcel details (owned free or under mortgage).
  • Includes UCC-filing data and connected parcel details.
  • Facilitates viewing of connected operators and recent land transactions.
  • Provides quick access to Salesforce for chosen accounts and vice versa.

Risk360 Feature Session

Future Focused: GIS Applications Throughout Your Business 

The implementation of a GIS tool has the potential to enhance various aspects of the lending industry. In this session by Jamie at Risk360 we will see how agriculture-centered mapping platforms are utilizing data and mapping layers to focus marketing & sales enablement, manage risk, provide relevant data to credit and benefit appraisal. This session will help you understand how data generated within the appraisal department can create added value for your association.