What's new in CamoAg: March

We’re excited to share the latest from our team. Read on to learn more about what product features were released and featured use cases for our platform.

Featured Use Cases

Land Auction Data

Maximize growth through land auctions with CamoAg’s guide for loan officers and marketers, leveraging unique data for strategic outreach.

Rural Land Appraisals

Explore best practices for rural land appraisal with CamoAg and AgWare, streamlining property evaluations with advanced mapping and data analysis.

What’s New?

Data Updates and Enhanced Features

We’ve enhanced our platform with updates to both our data features and map functionalities:

  • Updated Illinois USDA Soil Data: Now featuring the latest 2024 USDA data for all users, with a direct link to the source for easy access.
  • Subsidy Dashboard Enhancements: CamoAg Pro subscribers will find new Salesforce Account integrations, filters, and visualizations on the USDA Subsidy Payments report.
  • Improved Farm Search: Filters for “Updated At” or “Created At” dates are now available for all users, simplifying farm searches.
  • Advanced Tax & Financial Dashboard Filters: CamoAg Pro users can now filter by State, County, or Salesforce Account, making it easier to navigate financial data.
  • Mortgage History Organization: For CamoAg Pro mortgage subscribers, mortgage histories are grouped by date for streamlined review.

Map Updates

Township and Section Map Layer Labels

All users can now toggle between displaying the Township name or number and the Section with the full Section Township Range or just the Section number. This update makes map navigation more flexible and intuitive.

Parcel Acreage Editing

Parcel acreage can now be edited directly from the parcel details page, enhancing the user experience by allowing for easier adjustments to parcel information.

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Leveraging Land Auctions for Growth: A Guide for Loan Officers and Marketers


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