What's new in CamoAg: April

We’re excited to share the latest from our team. Read on to learn more about what product features were released and featured use cases for our platform.

What’s New?

Data Updates and Enhanced Features

Our Ag-Specific dataset is central to the CamoAg platform, supporting sales, marketing, appraisal, and farm management workflows. We continuously update and expand our first- and third-party data, ensuring you have the most accurate information available, all within a single platform, no matter your use case.

Upcoming Auction Feed Now Available

Public auction data is now accessible on the Farms for Sale map for the Midwest. This data is continuously updated and includes details on upcoming, active, pending, and sold auctions. With this new feature, financial officers can better inform their customers and prospects about local auctions, and appraisers will have more current information to aid in accurate estimates. For more details, check out our guide on upcoming auctions.

Ohio Data Now Available from the Land Sales Bulletin

*released to users with a Nationwide LSB or Ohio data subscription

Ohio farm transaction data is now available to our State transaction data service subscribers. This verified sales data is invaluable for users conducting market or comparative market analyses (CMAs), offering higher accuracy and reliability.

Click the button below to subscribe to this data:


Land Auction Data

Maximize growth through land auctions with CamoAg’s guide for loan officers and marketers, leveraging unique data for strategic outreach.

Map Updates

Our maps provide a powerful way to interact with CamoAg data for land context. Use them to create and manage your farms or find new customers within a specific territory or distance.

Section Township Range Location Search

*released to users with a CamoAg Basic or Pro subscription

You can now search by Section, Township, and Range under “Advanced Search” for all maps, including the Sold Farms map. For detailed instructions, refer to our Section Township Range Location.

Acreage Discrepancy Softened for Acreage Entry

When editing acres, we’ve updated the allowable acreage discrepancy from 5% to 20%. Now, acreage can be adjusted to within 20% of the total drawn acreage. This change provides more flexibility in farm mapping and accommodates minor discrepancies due to drawing and field data variations.

Updated Markers on the Farms for Sale Map

We’ve updated the markers on the Farms for Sale map for better clarity:

  • Light Teal: Upcoming Auctions (auction start date is in the future)
  • Bright Blue: Currently Accepting Bids (auction is active, with start and end dates and the current date is within this range)
  • Darker Teal: Closed (auction has ended, but no sale data is recorded)

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