A Letter from the CEO: CamoAg’s momentum and the future of ag lending

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the transformative period CamoAg has recently experienced. Our vision of establishing CamoAg as the premier agricultural intelligence and workflow management solution for ag lending and agribusiness is coming to fruition, and the indicators are evident.

Strengthened Ag Alliances and New Partnerships: Our recent collaboration with AgWare, coupled with the ongoing support from our partners such as Land Sales Bulletin and Compeer, underscores our commitment to continuously expanding and refining our offerings. Such collaborations not only solidify our place in the industry but also bring diverse expertise to our table, enhancing our ability to serve you.

News: AgWare and CamoAg Announce Integration for Streamlined Appraisal Workflow at Risk360 Conference 

Growing Trust Among Ag Industry Leaders: I’m excited to share that we’ve garnered the trust of significant players in the farm credit association. The inclusion of respected names like Farm Credit Illinois and Compeer among our client roster speaks volumes about the value and trustworthiness of our platform. 

News: Farm Credit Illinois Elevates Agricultural Lending Prospecting with CamoAg’s Client Intelligence Product

See a list of CamoAg customer and partners.

Comprehensive Solutions for Ag Lending: At CamoAg, we have always been clear about our goal: to provide end-to-end solutions, like our Client Intelligence product that cater to every facet of the ag lending use case — sales, marketing, appraisals and operations. Our integrated platform, tailored insights, and unparalleled workflow management capabilities ensure we deliver on this promise. 

Engaging with the Community: We are proud to be both exhibiting and sharing our insights at several industry events to directly interact, share, learn, and grow with the best in the business. Including FCCS Risk 360, Forum for Ag Lending, Wisconsin Realtors Association, FCCS Sales Leaders, ABA, Ag Conference and ASFMRA. It’s going to be a busy Fall and we hope to see you at one or more of these events.

We also are committed to sharing industry news and best practices through our Farm Credit Newsletter and general Agribusiness Newsletter. 

The Future of Ag Lending

The cumulative impact of these milestones does more than just elevate CamoAg; it signals a pivotal moment in the ag lending space. It’s clear that the future lies in digitizing operations to enhance efficiency and accuracy. As an industry, we are on the brink of a revolution, and at CamoAg, we are both excited and prepared to lead the charge.

Our progress is testament to our dedicated team, our esteemed partners, and most importantly, our loyal customers and supporters. Thank you for being part of this remarkable journey. Let’s continue our collaborative efforts to redefine and elevate the ag lending landscape.

Looking forward to brighter horizons and growing successes.

Warm regards,  
Corbett Kull
CEO, CamoAg

P.S. Stay connected with us for more updates, and feel free to reach out for any queries or collaborative ideas. 


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